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Over the years, Leaders in Hospitality Summit has established itself as the only industry platform in that gathers most prominent hospitality sector decision makers and senior industry professionals from across the 30 countries of the CEE & CIS region.

The summit provides a unique opportunity for the hospitality sector business leaders to set their business agendas for the upcoming year while addressing the challenges and opportunities the region faces.

This year marks the 5th anniversary of the Leaders in Hospitality Summit. Over these 5 years we supported, educated and inspired hospitality industry while promoting the region within the global landscape and unveiling numerous business opportunities the market has to offer. After travelling across the region for previous summits, the celebratory edition of Leaders in Hospitality is coming back home to Prague where it was launched. We are excited to present you with anniversary edition of the summit like you have not seen before and are looking forward to having our old friends and new friends to join in the celebration!

The tourism industry is the highest contributing factor to the region's GDP economic development. International Business Council strongly believes that it is important for hoteliers to meet and discuss these pressing issues not only to share and collaborate but to expand business opportunities and maximize profitability. The more successful this region is at promoting tourism the more successful the region's hoteliers will be. CEE & CIS have struggled to compete with Western Europe in the tourism industry and with political and economical issues this region hoteliers finds it difficult to prosper in such circumstances. To gather the region's experts together once a year to discuss the trends, issues and benefits of CEE & CIS creates an important platform for these hoteliers to better understand and collaborate. IBC continues to change the location of the event to expose top hotel chains as well as smaller and independent hotels to all the potential the region has to offer.

The region was considered both Europe’s growth engine at one point and least attractive place for hotel expansion and investment at a later stage. Despite going through challenging times over the last decade, the region now brings numerous opportunities. CEE & CIS region still have room to develop unlike its Western European counterparts, therefore with right strategies enabling expansion, growth and investment opportunities.

Exploration, interaction, and emotional experience is the hallmark of Millennials, the fastest growing customer segment in the hospitality industry, expected to represent 50% of all travelers by 2025. With the rise of millennial consumers businesses will need to be more transparent and tech savvy, with a strong focus on empathy and customer connection. Explore what steps your chain or property should undertake to attract new demanding generation of travelers.



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